What is Vine? The Video platform by Twitter

21 Mar

What is Vine? The Video platform by Twitter

In a nutshell , Vine was launched by Twitter in January 2013 with the idea of creating video capability which in its snappy brevity would bet e video equivalent of a 140 character Tweet.

That’s What Vine is all About!

Vine allows you to create your own six second videos (they call them Vines), whenever and wherever you like, and share them anyplace you choose.

Vine is free. You’re allowed unlimited uploads. With Vine you’re always up to date. Do you have something going on at your business? Shoot a quick Vine. Post it across your websites, and social media. Zap! You’re entire network is notified about what’s going on.

Lately released by Twitter, Vine is the new buzz in video sharing via the micro blog social networking platform. Already used by many with already some wonderful viral videos being made, shared and seen!

Vine permits users to create miniature videos of 6 seconds or less, it is possible to either create a full length video or the applications lets you pause and record as a way to obtain diverse clips to construct your mini-video. These videos are shared on the Vine system (you create your own unique ID, based on your own Twitter individuality) and these videos are shared additionally on Twitter.

Will this new tendency work? Well, we believe it’s an excellent thought that allows for miniature videos to populate Twitter and get messages across in a much faster time than compared to seeking through YouTube. Yes, you will need to be creative and it’d be difficult to discuss specific themes, but as more individuals need video content delivered to them in rapid format (they need videos to arrive at the stage faster), Vine will lead the way in micro-videoing.

To know more about Vine from Twitter, visit: http://blog.twitter.com/2013/01/vine-new-way-to-share-video.html

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