Privacy Policy

Privacy is the term which many customers consider when they have decisions to cooperate with companies and exchange their business secrets. Knowing this your worries, SEO Bhubaneswar supply the unique solution for privacy to protect ownership of contents and others documentary which were published on the internet or any social network websites.

You will absolutely not worry about the information that you provided and sent it to us via email because SEO Bhubaneswar will store them in our privacy database and we commit that your information will not be disclosed to third parties in any circumstance or any reason. The updated services, new lists as well as necessary changes will be sent via email or you can reference further information through the privacy policy segment.

Unsubscribe was always a terrible step for you because of a thousand of complicated procedures and it took a lot of time to finish all steps to unsubscribe. Nowadays, you need to forget this wasting process.

SEO Bhubaneswar provide some reasonable methods to unsubscribe quickly and simply, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to send your request with business letters to us like before; you just send your cancellation request via email or send your feedback form which we supplied when you registered.

The sensitive information is business secrets that you want a strong security, users will provide this important information to us and SEO Bhubaneswar supply the best solution to protect this sensitive information. Most of information related to credit cards which were collected from many trusted sources like Google Checkout or CCAvenue. SEO Bhubaneswar will give you the unique methods of data encryption in order to secure sensitive information as well as hiding information.

If you want to extend the limitation of time using you will receive valuable benefits such as: accessing to exclusive information, getting perfect customer care. We will protect the system of servers and personal data through firewalls and security softwares which can prevent your information from spyware.

Contact Form
SEO Bhubaneswar use contact forms for our customers so that you can supply the necessary information to us like your full name, your personal information and your email address. Personal information is used to contact and introduce our new services and products.

The transformation and the linking of websites in order to carry out the same trading, but SEO Bhubaneswar don’t have any responsibility for the information or privacy of this linking. Thus, you MUST read guidances which are related to privacy as well as terms carefully before you make decisions to link exclusive and sensitive information.

Change of Privacy Policy
SEO Bhubaneswar has the power to change privacy policies, terms and necessary information in any reasons and any cases so that we can protect customer’s benefits and company.

Any Query
SEO Bhubaneswar have a desire to receive your valuable comments and positive contribution even your negative feedbacks so that we can improve our the quality of service as well as our products, you can query or make any question about problems that you need to have us solve.