PPC Campaign Management

PPC means Pay Per Click. PPC campaigns belong to the so-called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Their main advantage is the ability to precisely target the Internet users.

One of the strongest advertising systems includes Google Adwords. The next two positions in the market are divided and they offer their advertisers a similar range of services, but each of them has something different internet users.

PPC campaigns can be divided into three groups:

  • Campaigns for brand building
  • Campaigns to increase website traffic
  • Power campaign

PPC Campaign Management
For our clients we provide a controlled and effective campaign to enhance traffic to your website when they need the market to promote one of its products.

We will prepare an overall concept of advertising presentation text ad in the campaign, set the range selected keywords, targeting and campaign performance to the anticipated results. Subsequently campaign monitor and fine tune the content and performance settings for optimal conversion ratio after the campaign will submit the results along with specific statistics.

If you want to get your information quickly to the forefront, contact us. We will prepare you an offer that will meet your requirements.

To pay only for potential customers who are interested in your product or service? PPC campaign is the best and quickest means of advertising.

Properties PPC Campaign:

  • Analysis of customer requirements and offerings, Keyword
  • Keyword targeting a specific group (city, region, state or country)
  • Targeting keywords on a specific service (hotel services, e-shops, software, hardware, etc.)
  • PPC management services and editing keywords by keyword seasonality and individual needs
  • Evaluation of statistics PPC campaigns
  • Removing ineffective keywords, monitoring conversion
  • Reporting results

The gathered statistics can be traced

  • How many visitors the site was visited
  • Most visited pages and products
  • How many new customers have ordered
  • What technical equipment customers use, etc.
  • Return on your investment

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