Terms of Use

The users have to assure to undertake regulations as well as comply with terms of use which are mentioned in the documentary on website while they visit the website; the users are not bounded so that they must perform or don’t follow these regulations. However, in case that you don’t accept and follow agreements which are mentioned in the terms of use, you will be punished and banned to access website.

Notice: SEO Bhubaneswar have the powerful enough to judge, evaluate and modify terms of use which is changed by managers and we will not notice to users in any reasons and any circumstances.

The contents, that are displayed on websites, is protected by the laws of copyrights, re-publish, upload, post on the others website, transmission, distribution of Intellectual property laws. In some cases, SEO Bhubaneswar will limit the user’s access to exclusive contents on the website, it means that you have some limitations to transition, download and use some parts of contents for your reference; and if you don’t follow these regulations which are listed in terms of use, you will be banned and warned to access the website. We don’t have detailed regulations of prohibition in these cases, the users have to cancel process of download form system of website immediately.

We describe regulations clearly in terms of use but we don’t commit to update the contents on the website completely, frequently and exactly, even they don’t guarantee to upgrade contents and features absolutely. SEO Bhubaneswar don’t have any responsibility for updating information on website in any circumstance; the users have to define and ensure information which is updated frequently when they have decision to choose service and product on the internet. You need to notice some problems before buying our services and products and you are sure that information is updated and defined exactly.

The users are totally responsible for the benefits that they have from the contents which are uploaded on the website, you have to guarantee that compensation and you have a responsibility for protecting us, affiliate companies, partners, services – products, agencies and information of third parties from risks, damages and related costs include extra fees directly and indirectly as well as attorney fees, etc…

Disclaimer of Warranty
SEO Bhubaneswar refuse warranty some contents which don’t bring any benefits to users as well as the websites that we don’t know about their origin or the contents that are not approved; the users absolutely receive the risks which are brought by contents on the website. SEO Bhubaneswar don’t guarantee that the website will run smoothly, safely and don’t have any harmful softwares that can damage your system of the computer.

Alterations & Modifications
SEO Bhubaneswar have the permission and power to change, evaluate, modify, delete detailed terms of use in any reason and any situation, the changes will be updated automatically and they will not completely affect the process of accessing to the website, permissions of the users will be modified to match these changes.

Limitation of Liability
SEO Bhubaneswar don’t have any responsibility for helping to prevent the risks, damages from you as well as we will not intervence:

  • Tradings on the website in any circumstances and any conditions.
  • Abuse and download some contents which are not guaranteed
  • Change and modify the system of databases which are posted on the website.
  • The speed of the website as well as the problems that appear from the visibility of a website.

If the users feel uncomfortable or have a lot of complains for accessing to the website and the related contents of services – products, the user can stop using the website immediately.