Refund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
You really worry about your cancellation request. You always feel trouble with making cancellation procedures. Please forget it now!

SEO Bhubaneswar will bring the best solution for reasonable and professional cancellation policy to you. We always review and assessment of the cancellation policy carefully and observer cancellation confirmation process strictly. As an expert in providing SEO services, marketing campaigns and promotion services on the internet, we also supply methods related cancellation policy quickly and reasonably. You can send your cancellation request to us via email, fax, business letters and phone.

Some regulations of cancellation policy which you have to know when you send your cancellation request:

  • You should send your cancellation request to us within 14 days from the day you had a decision to sign up our services.
  • You will not receive any refund if you send your request to us after the specific time.
  • We will send it via your account which you registered after we confirm your cancellation request.
  • Your cancellation request will be accepted by phone call, email address, fax, business letters; we only confirm requests which are sent at the right time.
  • You will not receive any benefits or incentives when your cancellation request of registered service is confirmed.
  • If you cancel your service without notifying to us or you have any sudden changes in your schedule, you must send 100% total amount of money to us.

In addition, SEO Bhubaneswar only confirm invalid cancellation requests through our account or our accounting department; email confirmation and number are the best way to prove the validity of your cancellation request. Besides, you want to find out further information about our cancellation policy, please contact us via phone, email as well as service agreements.

Refund Policy
Refund is the term which is attracted by all customers when they decide to choose the best supplier; a good partner always provides the most reasonable and the most perfect refund policy. SEO Bhubaneswar gives the unique and professional solution as well as the flexible features of refund policy. You will totally not worry about the valuable benefits which we provide with refund agreements because we definitely put your benefits on the top and know your worries deeply.

Some regulations which you have to notice when you receive benefits of refund policy:

  • Refund is evaluated based on a kind of service that you want to send your cancellation request.
  • We will not refund the cost that you pay for SEO services, trading or other customer services.
  • We will not confirm the refund request of the miscellaneous fees in any reason and any circumstance.
  • The confirmation of refund request is only accepted when the credit card holder attends and witness.
  • Money will be refunded through your credit card account which you used it to registered payment.

SEO Bhubaneswar always commits to keep our promises seriously because we know exactly that customers have strong desire and their huge belief in us. Thus, our valuable gift, which we can present to them, is reasonable, fast and effective refund & cancellation policy.

SEO Bhubaneswar have the absolute rights to review, evaluate, eliminate and modify refund and cancellation requests as well as necessary changes of terms without noticing in any circumstances.