Is Google+ The Next Big Thing?

23 Feb

Is Google+ The Next Big Thing?

Every Social Media analyst has the same opinion now a days for Google+. They says hat google+ is will become as popular as Facebook and twitter any time. Although slowly but google+ popularity is increasing from day one.

If you are in business, bear in mind that it will have a major influence on search results on very soon, and if you start promoting your business links early on Google+ you’ll reap the benefits of doing so. Search Engine Optimization is already using Facebook & twitter but since Google+ belongs to Google you can bet that links shared on Google+ will be much more visible on Google search results.

YouTube is also integrated into Google+, making it much easier to upload videos & share with friends. From a marketing point of view it’s great because videos can go viral on Google+ and then influence the spread of your video on YouTube which is the biggest video site on planet earth.

Google+ is billed as the largest social network in the world. However, that is because Google counts every person who signs up for a Google email address as a user, even if they are not actively using it. But, Google+ is so much more than a social network, it’s a way to identify and connect with people all across your web activities including search, maps, YouTube and other Google products with just one log on.

Google + is not trying to be Twitter or Facebook. Google is still trying to be a search engine, but it’s using all their other products such as Google+ to return better, more relevant and personalized search results. Once you learn how everything is interrelated you can truly begin to leverage Google+ to grow your business.

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