Social Media Optimization

To date, the campaign to promote products or services, and the formation of a positive image of business, it can not be successful if it does not include items such as SMM and SMO.

What are SMM and SMO?
The SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are complex events on social promotion.

Social Media Optimization (SMO), focused not on the search engines and the users to adapt and “socialization” of content. SMO efforts to promote the site that are intended to articles and frequently cited in social networks, blogs and forums, attracting visitors to the site from there.

SMM is the promotion of the site through direct communication with the target audience through social networks and blogs. Advantages of this method of operation are that you can get immediately the comments and feedback, suggestions of potential customers to adjust the policy of promotion.

Promotion Services:

  • We offer the following services to promote your site with social networks and blogs
  • The creation, maintenance and promotion of a corporate blog
  • The creation and promotion of the company in the popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Management of the company’s image in blogs and social networks
  • Cooperation with bloggers and opinion leaders in the community
  • Hidden marketing forums; – Viral marketing and flash mobs
  • Market research in the blog sphere
  • Writing and placement on the thematic areas of information materials and press releases

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