Terms and Conditions

SEO Bhubaneswar is providing marketing solutions, SEO services and methods of promotion on the internet; we give strict terms and conditions which are described as well as explained and notice with a documentary which related to the policy of the website. The terms and conditions will be evaluated and modified by managers so that they meet the requirements of service as well as customer’s benefits without noticing in any circumstances.

General Terms and Conditions
The malicious websites can affect the speed of connection, block links with affiliated other websites and make the server overload.

SEO Bhubaneswar provide the terms, the regulations for users and we always want the users to follow these rules seriously as well as use the contents which are posted on the websites carefully. Besides, we are willing to punish, warnings and prohibition from using the contents on the website illegally by the terms which are put out.

The intrusion into the system illegally by illegal means such as: hacking, upload malicious codes, steal user’s passwords or immoral acts in any reasons. The users will be banned to access to all kinds of contents on the website directly and indirectly.

SEO Bhubaneswar have the power to modify and stop pop-up ads or the commercial means which can affect the speed of the website; we also have the right to evaluate and modify the contents of terms and conditions so that they will suit to the user’s purposes and benefits.

Besides, SEO Bhubaneswar don’t have any regulations which can protect the system of your computer of the users when they access to the contents on the website; we WILL NOT give any compensation to the users with any damages. In addition, the website doesn’t have responsibility for losing user’s data and information while the users have the process of downloading the contents and softwares on the website.

For the contents which are uploaded on the website, SEO Bhubaneswar have the rights to use them for special situations and you don’t have permission to copy, download, rewrite, upload to other websites or use any media which relate to the contents without our permission via email and agreement documentary. It means that the acts of the copyright infringement and it make the users be completely responsible for criminal when using the contents illegally. We also provide the detailed contents of the terms and conditions on the website and apply them to agreements with the users strictly so that we will avoid making mistakes which affect user’s benefits as well as the copyright of the contents.

SEO Bhubaneswar always evaluate and judge regulations which are written in the terms and conditions carefully and we can guarantee that we WILL NEVER make any mistakes in any reasons.

Law & Legislation
SEO Bhubaneswar use the laws which are attached in terms and legislations of India and our policies are dominated by Indian courts; if there are any reasons which relate to the use of contents illegally or something against the terms and conditions, we will have Indian jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar, India.