To Guest Blog or Not to Guest Blog

15 Mar

To Guest Blog or Not to Guest Blog

To Guest Blog or Not to Guest Blog: Recently Google make few major changes that left social media ablaze. Google penalize a guest blog network. Name of that blog is not mentioned but many believe that it was MyBlogGuest. This step just left everyone ablaze as they tried to figure what this development means.

The first thing to notice is there are actually two types of client web log – posts which are posted on unique websites to get before vital audiences, and content-established web sites that aggregate content within the continuing attempt to match the leading search engines. The first type is beneficial to harness into when hatching a social media strategy because so many individuals on the likes of Twitter and Facebook react nicely to superb website content. Through the use of the hosting web site’s services and tapping into their social media connections, it can end up being a useful resource in getting the name out there also. Google is beginning to clamp down on the latter type because it influences the integrity of the search results and other engines including Yahoo, Alibaba and Bing are limit to follow suit.

The good thing is that firms that compose web log pieces for news web sites and other reputable factory outlet are likely to be fine as they’re viewed as a valid content play. These specially could be a godsend for pulling lots of followers to your own various social media properties. Think about it as the digital age’s variation of the op-ed section. But it is less rosy for firms which are spending money on client blogging placements within their Search Engine Optimization investment.

There’s been a cat-and-mouse game between Search Engine Optimization centered marketers and the search engines, who continuously transform their algorithms to stay ahead of the people trying to find fractures in the armour. This latest salvo from Google is only one in a long line of activities designed to shield the quality of its search results. But if you are composing several web log pieces for a valid news site or associate page, there should not be any rationale to stress. The key is using the site to drive followers to your own social media properties and then using those to drive folks back to your own site and web site. And recall, content is king!

There are two kinds of guest blog posts: ones that are written by others outside your company on your company blog and ones that you or others from your company write on other Industry blogs. The first type does several things. These posts provide additional content to drive leads. You like that. It is also another way to promote others in the industry. This can get tricky m a small Industry, as other writers could work for competitors. Seek out writers from trade publications, organizers of trade shows, and bloggers from other industries who could provide an outside perspective to a common industry issue. Once a blog becomes successful, expect to receive requests to publish guest posts.

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