Will Backlinks Lose Their Importance in Ranking?

10 Aug

Will Backlinks Lose Their Importance in Ranking?

Will Backlinks Lose Their Importance in Ranking? Matt Cutts head of Google Search Spam Team said in video: “backlinks, over time, will become a little less important.

Meaning that they are significant, but much less important as when Larry and Sergey founded Google with their PageBrin algorithm they used to be.

Matt clarified that Google is focusing a lot now on how to demonstrate in search results visitors results that they were looking for. So page guru is still quite significant how well website will rank in Google, their current algorithm has over 200 variables, but on the other hand content is becoming increasingly more important, quality of the content, authorship of the content. Significance professional built websites and correctly optimized by seo specialist will play higher rolls in the future comparison to “handmade” self made sites with several lost important pieces of Google’s algorithm pie.

When Google is better at understanding language that is real, natural language, which you see with their conversational search attempts. Google will be better match them better and to understand skilled user’s queries to a better response.

Matt Cutts included that for the “next few years” links are not going anyway and will still be used for discovering reputation. But Google will rely slightly less on links for reputation goals.

Here is the Video:

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