Google’s Love & Hate Relationship with Affiliates

8 Oct

Google’s Love & Hate Relationship with Affiliates

Google’s Love Hate Relationship with Affiliates. Affiliate Marketers were some of Google’s earliest promoters. By matching commercial offers with keywords and appealing merchants to search advertising, affiliates aided build AdWords as the major online advertising gateway in the world.


Google employs the affiliate marketing via comparison ads in the economics vertical. They has also optional the move to a price-per-booking model with guesthouses. Google then capitalized in Viglink, associate programs the pays owners for making targeted traffic to mercantile sites. While responsibility so they also invested in Whaleshark Media the self-proclaimed “Domain’s leading market for coupons and contracts”. Google then accepted Beat That Estimate, a UK Financial contrast site. They surely have been draining their pockets haven’t they?

Google’s Distant Rater document that was escaped in early 2008 high points the following websites organizations as being legitimate for partner sites:

  • Price Judgment
  • Coupons
  • Original in-depth Reporting Reviews


In the 4th quarter of 2009 Google barred 30,000+ affiliate AdWords books without any warning or explanation.

Ex Post Facto: Some associates are not able to reestablish their AdWords without educating “landing page superiority” on 3rd party sites the partners never controlled, for ads they entered years ago, earlier Google’s policies altered. These affiliate advertisers have, in result a lifetime ban because they don’t have controller over the web belongings.

Google has taken numerous efforts to remove partner marketers from the organic search fall outs:

  • Google supported duplicate content filters to remove feed-driven affiliate positions.
  • Google barred many affiliates running systems of sites, work them “doorway sheets”.

In some belongings, Google later introduced their own vertical schedules in these same exploration results thus eliminating affiliates from the search consequences so Google can generate more income.

Google’s Remote Rater Documents openly instructs raters into scheming affiliate sites in the travel niche as junk, even if they’d then get a high rating for practicality and quality.

Google’s Review request Form situations, “In general, sites that straight profit from movement (e.g. search appliance optimizers, affiliate packages, etc.) may need to deliver more evidence of good faith before hand a site will be reassessed.

Eric Schmidt regularly highlights the influence of the web’s ability to permit you to merge without merger. However, when an author connected to his private book’s page on Amazon via an affiliate relation, his AdWords account was restricted. Google also wholesales eBooks and offers their own associate program.

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