How to Drive More Traffic with Pinterest?

24 Apr

How to Drive More Traffic with Pinterest?

As among the hottest photo-sharing platforms available, Pinterest now continues to be used by a lot of webmasters to drive traffic. According to the survey performed by Shareaholic, this social medium is now a referral traffic giant, attaining better stats than YouTube , Google Plus, and LinkedIn combined.

Now, you might be wondering just how to use this popular site to market your WordPress site. In the following, we now have listed some top useful suggestions concerning about Pinterest marketing, with which you can bring the popularity to your own site with ease.

Before learning these tricks, you’d better make sure you have already had a Pinterest account. If you do not have one, simply sign up with it, using your e-mail address, or account for Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Pin Content from Your Website
Consistently bear in mind that the greatest goal of using Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website, so you will need to pin from your own site as often as possible. We now have found that many pinners only share images that are sought from some third parties, plus some others even repin the hottest content without any creativity. To be honest, these activities can add no advantage to your promoted site as there is nothing related to your content.

You’re able to create a board with the exact same name as that of your website, to make your info eye-catching facing folks.

Don’t forget to add the description with some appealing, educational, and meaningful words.

After creating the board, you’ll be able to add a pin from your web site or your computer.

After deciding your targeted picture, be sure to add the related description and URL that links back to that particular post. Note that the description must be meaningful, insightful, and keyword-rich, and the URL must link out to the correct page.

Create Teaser Content and Tutorials
Usually, folks have more interest in teaser and tutorial contents than some uncomplicated pictures, and this kind of content activates a 42% higher click through rate compared to the common pin. After all, folks would like to store and share the beneficial tips, and love to learn. In this circumstance, you had better think about what your crowd want, create associated place, and make some pins for it.

Moreover, we highly suggest you trapping some teaser content with some appeals. You are not teaching people anything, but arouse their interest to go to your website for further information.

Create Original Pins
People repin them, look for some popular images, and merely log into Pinterest. They don’t actually go through the Internet to locate something new to put on this platform. If you should be just like these folks, then you might be barely to have a virtual army of people waiting to share your pictures and enable you to get exposed to lots of pinners.

Focus on Vogue
The last magic trick about Pinterest marketing is to immobilize with some trending issues within industry and your niche. All things considered, folks are more willing to visit something new, instead of the old advice that’s been repeated for many times by another people.

There is a search box in the left corner of Pinterest, with which individuals can discover pins by inputting some key word. Consequently, you had better spend time to determine the newest trending, and incorporate related words to the description of both your boards and pins.

Pay focus on the red rectangle part in the next image. If the amount is too much, you’d better pass that image rather than pin it.

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