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The Social Media Optimization in your company has an attractive presence through different platforms. We created a strategy that integrates the various social networking channels for your brand.

The most important aspects in the process of consulting Social Media Optimization are:

  • Strategy Analysis
  • Current Metrics
  • Benchmark
  • Analysis of the Reputation
  • Web Integration Analysis
  • Planning Strategy
  • Channel Selection
  • Strategies Propagation
  • Moderation Strategies
  • Management Guidelines

Social networks are here to stay. We can not deny it anymore. And the name says it all, social media can help you bond with your customers to strengthen and the stronger the bond, the greater the chance that it will be loyal customers who feel connected with your business and help you succeed. Without high cost of commercials, ads, adwords, etc. whose effect like, snow before the sun, disappears once you stop paying for these costly services. A ready concept is not there. Each channel has its own characteristics and the target one is not the other. But you people within the company must release the power of social media which is like a sore thumb.

The idea is simple: the closer a company with its customers, the more successful the company will be financially. Social media offers the option of choice for this “closeness” to create, to interact and dialogue. It is a real dialogue involving the company and the customer on equal footing. ‘Push’ information is out of the question. Past results have shown that Social Media is not only for Business to consumers but certainly also for Business to Business.

Thus, you are always one step ahead of your competition

We can help you through a social media plan to set and perhaps more importantly set it daily, weekly or monthly to keep continuous ‘in the picture’ to remain at the target you previously thought.

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